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Pearl Wellness & Detox


We’re in an incredibly exciting time in natural medicine and naturopathy, and we are grateful to share this time with you! Our ability to examine our unique biology, cellular, genetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual makeup in clinically proven ways has never been better. We welcome you to learn more about what we do and how we can support your healing and health journey in unprecedented ways.


At Pearl Wellness & Detox, we are enthusiastic about creating high-impact personalized interventions, treatment programs, and holistic coaching that is way above the fray—helping you optimize your health, well-being, effectiveness, purpose, and creativity for life on every level! We are bold, safe, and effective in what we do, and we look forward to meeting you soon! 


Learn more about our unique philosophy and treatment approach.

New & Improved Virtual Options Now Available.

Take Your Health To The Next Level

Digestive Care (GI)

Psoriasis/Eczema Care

Detoxification Care

Holistic Health Goals Care

Depression/Anxiety Care

Fertility Care

Healthy Woman

We have definitely cracked the code




Our Core Values



Dr. Wilkinson's work extends to teaching, speaking, and mentoring, solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in naturopathic and bioenergetic healing...

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