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Our Philosophy& Treatment Approach

At Pearl Wellness & Detox, we rest on the philosophy and ideas of modern quantum physics, which supports the theory that everything in our world -everything- is vibration, energy, and information. This is one of the core foundational principles of quantum physics and the work of Edgar Cayce, the Founder of American Holistic Health. The cells of the human body constantly exchange energy and information among themselves and within their environment 24/7, and all functional issues or disease states can be corrected by supplying the right energy that is quanta-resonant with the organism’s needs at the moment. 


Pearl Wellness & Detox integrates contemporary knowledge of microbiology, parasitology, naturopathy, detox cleansing, diet, herbal healing remedies, lifestyle habits, beliefs, thought patterns, and homeopathy with a specific testing method originating from the work of Dr. Reinhold Voll (a German medical doctor and engineer).  Never before have we been able to assess the body in such a complete and accurate way while creating personalized bio-individualized treatment options that are effective, safe, and natural on the spot. Our work draws bridges between understandings of allopathic medicine, detoxification, mind-body-spirit integration, naturopathy, and homeopathy.


Our message is for all, both the well and the sick, for the young and the old, for their healers, families, loved ones, and communities; there is hope for an effective, non-invasive, gentle, and highly integrated healing medicine here.  


Learn more about The Pearl Wellness System.

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